The best Apple Easter eggs hidden in Pixar movies


If you watch the credits of the 2012 film, there’s a dedication to Steve Jobs in light of his passing in 2011, calling him Pixar’s “partner, mentor and friend”. If that’s not obvious enough to you, there’s a character named Lord Macintosh in the film as well.


If you had stuck around for the credits, you would have realised there’s a photo of Carl and Russell investigating a Mac mouse. There’s no other mouse fairer than the Magic Mouse in all our land.

Inside Out

As posited by YouTubers SuperCarlinBrothers, Inside Out offers a preview of the next iPhone as Riley’s dad uses a very familiar white device. There’s only one problem. The camera is in the middle which hasn’t been the case for any of the iPhones. So could this be the next iPhone? But from another angle, you’ll see the old iOS 6 call screen...we’ll leave it to you to make the call.