Be familiar with these office tech pranks before April Fools’ Day

Even if you’re not a trickster, knowing when a punk is happening can save you from absolute embarrassment

Take it from us, it’s better to be prepared for April Fools’ Day. You don’t know what sorts of trickery your colleagues or friends can be up to.

And there are just too many ways you can get punked on this day of mischief. But remember, it’s all in the name of good fun. Well, as long as you have a sense of humour to take it in your stride. But why would you rather be duped? Learn these tricks and know how to disarm them.

Or, if you’re feeling a bit evil, hunt for your next victim with our selection of totally fun and absolutely harmless pranks.

System failure? Nah, it’s a fake wallpaper

You’re all ready, seated at your desk with a cup of coffee. Your hand is on the mouse, move the cursor to a folder and click twice to open it. Only, it doesn’t. This is what the office prankster has done to your desktop.

Step 1: capture a screenshot of the desktop

Step 2: change the desktop’s wallpaper with said screenshot

Step 3: create a new folder and move every app icon into the folder

Step 4: right click on the folder and set it as a hidden folder

The mouse! It’s alive!

This is perhaps one of the most simple trick, yet the most annoying one in our books. Watch the horrified look on your colleagues’ face when they realise they’re no longer in control of their mouse.

Step 1: find someone who uses the exact same wireless mouse as you

Step 2: switch the wireless dongles

Step 3: watch as said victim’s face turns from bewilderment to horror as the cursor takes on a life of its own

Nicholas Cage is everywhere!

So you’re an absolute fan of Nicholas Cage. And why shouldn’t you? If there’s a way, you’d like to see no one but Nicholas Cage all over your desktop, web browser, and everywhere else. Seriously, that’s quite an overkill. And possibly how a trickster is going to get you sick of the man.

Step 1: gain access to your laptop while you’re not watching

Step 2: Install the nCage Chrome extension on the Chrome web browser

Step 3: Feast your eyes on Nicholas Cage as he replaces every single image on the site

What's wrong with my iPhone?!

Admit it, creating shortcuts for your iPhone’s keyboard is the best thing that has ever happened. Unfortunately, that’ll be your downfall when you realise you’re typing gibberish to your boss. Even when you’re typing actual words. Apparently, this happened.

Step 1: distract the co-worker and swipe their iPhone

Step 2: if the iPhone isn’t password protected, you’re in luck. Go to settings > general > keyboard and select shortcuts

Step 3: get creative. Think of the most commonly used words such as I, you, you’re and replace them with whatever comes to mind. No, we’re not giving you any ideas

Step 4: slip the phone back to its original place and watch the confusion happen

Is that a clear sticker under your mouse?

Did the wireless mouse run out of juice? Apparently not, because you've just been punked by one of the oldest tricks in the book. And it’s so simple, you might not have realised it.

Step 1: while the office manager isn’t looking, swipe some clear tape from the office supply cabinet

Step 2: wait till the intended victim has gone to the toilet

Step 3: cut a few pieces of clear tape, just enough to cover the optical sensor

Step 4: watch the moment when they remove the batteries. And again. And realise they’ve just been punked