Battery tips to make your Android smartphone immortal

No more panic attacks when your phone runs out of juice before your daily Facebook stalking ends

It's the age old problem - smartphones, no matter how powerful they are, suffer from poor battery life. You know it to be true whenever you frantically search for a battery pack to do an emergency charge.

But there are some handy tricks to significantly lower the chances of it going flat within a few hours. Trust us, they're so simple, you might feel sheepish for not following them once we share these battery life-saving tips with you.

And it's not just generic tips that exist in all Android devices. Google's open operating system allows manufacturers to embed more power-sipping features into devices. Don't believe us? Read on, and try these tips for yourself.

Do it, make the most out of your smartphone battery and have enough juice for that last tweet or selfie.

Choose a dark theme

Another thing you should take note of, especially if your Android device has an AMOLED screen, is the image or theme you put on your smartphone background.

Using darker themes will be ideal as AMOLED displays only illuminate coloured pixels, meaning the more darker/black pixels you have, the less battery’s required to keep them lit.