Banish budget travel boredom with these 10 essential gadgets

Be it a short or long-haul flight you're booked on, these are the gadgets you must have in your carry-on for a crazy-free journey
10 essential gadgets to pack for budget travel

Whether it’s a morning shuttle to Kuala Lumpur or a red-eye to Tokyo, you will need an assortment of devices to maintain your sanity from all the madness that is modern travel.

From powerbanks to tablets to intelligent carry on bags, here’s a list of essentials for any trip. Just make sure you have booked the correct flight and bring along the passport!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

10 essential gadgets to pack for budget travel

Samsung’s latest flagship is a quantum leap over the previous generation Galaxy Note 3 and is definitely a worthy challenger to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. With specifications that would make the competing iPhone pale in comparison, the Note 4 is a mean beast with six more cores, triple the memory and a slightly bigger 5.7 inch screen. The ‘S Pen’ stylus with exceptional writing qualities reinvigorates the functionality of the trusty old stylus which was supposedly killed off with the original iPhone back in 2007.

Pro tip: With only 32GB of inbuilt memory, you should get an additional 128GB memory card as well since they really are dirt cheap right now. There’s no harm having more space especially when it can also function as a portable hard disk.  Just remember to have the docking cable on hand.

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