7 reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is perfect for professionals

Plenty of power, features and a pen to get you through your day at work

*Additional words by Nicholas Yong

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is truly a powerhouse of a phone.

Booting up the phone reveals the beautiful screen in all its OLED glory, then multi-task to your heart’s content with the laptop-esque 6GB RAM at its disposal, not to mention dual-cameras and a brilliant stylus at hand. But alas, all these features come with the whopping price tag of around S$1398, a pretty penny if you're going telco-free. 

The Galaxy Note 8 isn't for everyone. In fact, if you’re just captivated by the phone's screen and form but the price is throwing you off, there's the just-as-awesome Galaxy S8 Plus to make do with. At just slightly less of an inch smaller, you’re not losing too much, unless you absolutely need a stylus (though the Galaxy Note 8 gives a nicer grip with its rounded corners).

The Galaxy Note 8 is aimed at professionals and power users who can fully utilise the stylus and its specialised tools. 

Gimmicks aside, we'll be highlighting the Galaxy Note 8's best features for the working professional. Read on to see if this phone's got something you can’t live without. 

A professional's device

Let’s begin with the utterly superficial.

You want to make a statement with what you own. The iPhone 7 Plus isn’t going to cut it, because you’re pretty much sharing the same features as the sea of teens whose parents are nice enough to buy it for them. And no one can really tell if you bought a minimalist 32GB one or spent a couple of hundreds more on a 256GB one anyway.

People however will recognise your Galaxy Note 8. Those who buy a Galaxy Note 8 are clearly making a conscious choice on what phone is going to suit their needs and boost productivity at work. Unlike most flagship phones, the Galaxy Note 8 can truly call itself a productivity tool. They’ve obviously considered the equally-priced iPhone 7 Plus and recognised it isn’t as feature packed as a Note can be. For this, people around you know you mean business. 

Plus this one's isn't threatening to blow on your face (we need to get this out of the way). 

It looks beautiful

If you subscribe to the belief that what you own says a lot about you, Samsung Galaxy phones of late are just about the prettiest phones on the market. It’s truly eye-catching and a refreshing sight to see in the saturated market.

The Galaxy Note 8 recaptures the beauty of the Infinity Display that made its debut with the Galaxy S8. This time it’s slightly sharper round the corners (perhaps to trim excess bezzle) and steeper around the edges, but importantly all this is done without sacrificing grip – it is comfortable to hold if you're used to phablets. 

And when the stunning OLED screen turns on, you're reminded everytime that you’ve got the best-looking screen on the market today.