5 other tech logo changes the world wasn’t ready for

Nobody likes change, especially when it looks like this

If there’s one thing we can’t handle, it’s the tech landscape we’re so used to changing.

And if anything, today’s reaction to Uber swapping out the old logo for a new one proved that we all have zero chill. But as with all things, life goes on and we have no other choice but to adapt. To remind you of that fact, here are 5 other logo changes that pissed you off at first, but hey, you're still alive and everything now. #firstworldproblems


While Spotify’s logo didn’t undergo a change in form or even a change in colour, strictly speaking, the change in shade wasn’t the most welcome. The original foresty green was chosen by founder Daniel Ek and the fluorescent change came about in a bid to freshen things up. Well, all it refreshed was the notion that we can get angry about little things.


When the company unveiled its new logo in 2014, the wise people of the internet started trolling. What was intended as an abstract representation of people, places, love, and Airbnb became the subject of many an NSFW joke because we are all 14 year old teenage boys at heart. (snigger)


That blue bird mascot underwent a change back in 2012. It evolved from a little cyan bird with slightly ruffled head feathers to a sleeker species that’s apparently created from three sets of overlapping circles. Not like anyone cares, because everyone was busy being all torn up over the disappearance of the friendlier little critter.