5 awesome new features in World of Warcraft: Legion

The Emerald Dream

With Blizzard teasing the realm of the Emerald Dream for years, finally having the spirit world accessible for the first time in Legion is a dream come true for many. The Emerald Dream has been corrupted by the nightmare and players will have to raid through and try to correct the wrath and corruption that has taken over.

The Emerald Nightmare raid includes seven bosses and culminates in a fight against Satyr Lord Xavius, who is trying to bring the nightmare over Azeroth. In addition, the raid also extends to Mulgore, Moonglade and Un’Goro Crater. The raid will afford players a glimpse at long last into the dream world.

Survive the Emerald Nightmare

“The Emerald Dream has been corrupted by the nightmare so you have this very cool visualization in the raid of places you’d know from the Emerald Dream, so now you have Mulgore and Thunder Bluff all twisted, rotated around and evil and kind of like a fever dream version of what they should be. A good tip for this raid is to really pay attention to your surroundings as you play through.”

Revamped PvP

The new PvP mechanics in Legion will include a new Honor Talents progression system. Instead of using better gear to increase your PvP capabilities, players must now achieve ranks to unlock talents. These talents will enhance your abilities and provide a much bigger advantage in PvP over just having good gear. There is also a prestige system that lets you reset your rank at level 50 to exchange for skins and other rewards.

They’ve also normalized player stats such that players who are super over-geared compared to players who are just starting PvP, are actually not that different anymore. The player with gear might have a slight advantage, but in general they’re closer now in stats so it becomes much more about skill.

The new system allows players who are just starting out to feel like they have relatively even footing. Because even if you’re not as powerful as everyone else, just getting a bit of impact on the battle feels good, and you can do that now, even with a low level.

Be a boss at PvP

“The secret to PvP is really about choosing a class you like and something that feels really good for you to play. The more comfortable you are with what you play, the better you’ll be. I think you can get by with playing a certain class casually in most of the game, but in PvP you have to think and react so quickly that I’ve always done much better with a class I really understand and that feels right to me.

I’ve played Fire Mage forever and even though you’re super fragile and squishy, I always do better with Fire Mage. So choose whatever feels the best to you.”