Shooting games

The best shooting game for Android is... Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (RM40)

This twin-stick shooter’s one for shoving in the faces of bores who bang on about how your Android device has only got rubbish games, unlike their amazing consoles. Sure, Geometry Wars 3 might not be drowning in depth and storylines, but it’s a truly stunning blaster that looks utterly gorgeous on your touchscreen display.

As its name suggests, this is a more three-dimensional affair than its predecessors — this time, you’re blowing up all kinds of neon nasties while zooming around shapes lurching about in space. More than a mere gimmick, this forces new tactics as you hunt down foes hiding on the other side of a giant space peanut, or bravely dart around the corner to another face of a swirling space cube.

Download Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Towaga (RM16)

This visually arresting game plonks its protagonist atop a temple, hurls all kinds of terrifying creatures his way, mumbles something about a ritual, and then demands you prove yourself worthy by shooting everything and not dying.

It comes across like a twin-stick shooter where someone’s uncharitably glued your feet to the floor. You whizz your light beam around to capture creatures, lifting your finger to obliterate those you’ve already frozen.

Towaga is tough. Even its tutorial is demanding, but before long you’re faced with new and deadly creatures capable of tearing your face off in a second – unless you quickly figure out how to use your magic wand of light to defeat them.

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Galaxy On Fire 2 HD (free)

A spaceship shooter with a 20-hour campaign and some of the best visuals Android has to offer, Galaxy On Fire 2 is about as close to Elite as you can get in a modern mobile game. Yes, there are ads and in-app purchases, but neither spoils the experience of making your way through this grand space opera.

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Orbital (RM17)

Whereas the other shooting games on this list primarily involve maniacally blasting everything in sight, Orbital is about precision. You fire orbs into the void, which come to rest, expand into available space, and gain a number.

Subsequent shots are then used – by way of collisions – to deplete the numbers within previously fired orbs. Set things up right and you might even create a score-boosting, retina-searing explosive chain.

All the while, the tension ramps up as the screen becomes crowded, making it ever more likely a nasty rebound will find an orb deflected back over the danger line.

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Neon Shadow (free)

Although we admire developers who try to cram console-style titles on to Android, a glass screen is a far cry from a gamepad. With Neon Shadow, though, you get something approximating a console FPS, but with enough mobile sensibilities that you won’t want to hurl your Android at a wall.

It’s pacey, vibrant, and straightforward to control, resulting in a fun blast through a space-station crawling with angry mechanoids unleashed by an unhinged AI. We could do without the ads, but otherwise this is a great shooter to plant in your mitts.

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