30 unbelievably good free Windows Phone games

(UPDATED JUNE 15) Even more games, and even better ones too - these are the top Windows Phone freebies

The great thing about free games is that they're free. But then the terrible thing about free games is they're often terrible. But then the other great thing about free games is that you can rely on Stuff to try them out for you.

We've done exactly that with Windows Phone games, wading through the murkiest depths of the Windows Phone store in search of gaming pearls.

And as luck would have it, we've found 30 worthy of Stuff recommendation. So here they are - with a freshly revised and expanded list packed with the latest and greatest Windows Phone freebies.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Smash your opponents’ cars into pieces and perform impossible aerial stunts with beautifully rendered vehicles. It’s what we’ve always dreamed of - handling expensive cars and wrecking them without paying a single cent. You don't have to pay a single cent for this unrealistic racing game too.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne here

Blitz Brigade

Like most Gameloft games, Blitz Brigade isn't remarkably original in design: it looks and acts a lot like Valve's cartoonish Team Fortress 2. But on Windows Phone, it's easily the best free option around for multiplayer shootouts. The first-person action is smooth and entertaining, and while balance issues come with the freemium territory and you'll wait to respawn without paying up, Blitz Brigade is still plenty of fun.

Download Blitz Brigade here


We don't know why Threes! is free on Windows Phone, since the ad-free version has a price tag elsewhere, but we're not questioning it. We do, however, strongly advise you to download it if you like brainy puzzlers at all. It's one of the best designed for touch devices, challenging you to constantly add up matching and compatible tiles as the screen fills up with every move. You'll have to play smart and steady if you want to get deep into this enthralling entry.

Download Threes! here

Age Of Empires: Castle Siege

The classic Microsoft real-time strategy franchise is reborn on Windows Phone as a city-building affair with combat elements – in other words, it's essentially a Clash of Clans-alike. Despite the obvious influence (and move away from the source formula), it's a solid historical strategy affair meant to fill spare moments in your day as you advance your civilization, battle foes, and hopefully spend no real money.

Download Age Of Empires: Castle Siege here

Angry Birds Space

The last original Angry Birds game to be worth a damn is free on Windows Phone, amazingly, and it's a great reminder of how much fun the series was at its peak. Space twists the original pull-and-fling design with the addition of gravitational pull and other cartoonish sci-fi elements, and has a wide array of planets and challenges included. And all of the other Angry Birds games are free, so you've got options.

Download Angry Birds Space here