3 current Facebook realities we never want to see virtualised

We’re fine where we are, please don’t take it to the next level
3 current Facebook realities we never want to see virtualised

With the announcement that Facebook has bought Oculus VR, the Internet exploded into a cloud of criticism and some praise.

We already overreact when Facebook changes its layout and obsessively check on our privacy settings. What would it mean now that virtual reality might take over Facebook? We come up with three possibilities, based on current experience, and the consensus is...no, we don’t really want to go any closer, thank you very much.

1) Immersive game requests

1) Immersive game requests

Mark Zuckerberg talks about giving us an immersive gaming experience, which sounds great and everything, because who doesn’t want to experience FarmVille in virtual reality?

But there has to be a flipside. Those game notifications about how your energy bar will take another gazillion hours to refill, or how you have to pay a certain amount to proceed are irritating enough on a screen 30-in away from your face, but now you they could possibly be right in front of your eyes? Someone’s going to get hurt. Really. Bad. 

Image: Cegamers

2) Practical jokes

It’s all fun and games when you’re checking out the latest cat video, reaching out to fake pat that adorable fluffy kitten. Oh, there’s another one! Eeeep, the third one is even cuter! ^%*&$)(£%&$£, where did that come from?!

Clicking on someone’s idea of a funny prank will leave you seriously traumatised for life, when it happens literally in your face.

Disclaimer: Proceed with caution when playing the video above.

3) The poke

3) The poke

Instead of logging on to see the usual updates in words, you could be entering a room of avatars in the future. If we loved socialising that much, we wouldn’t be on Facebook all the time now, would we?

Now, imagine how annoying it would be if they actually brought the poke back - all these fingers stretching out from glassy-eyed avatars that look nothing like your friends jabbing you in the ribs. It’s not real, but your resulting annoyance will be.

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