10 gadgets that are all called 'One'

One for all, and all for One. There can be only One.
devices called One

How hard can it be to come up with a name for a new gadget?

There are hundreds of thousands of vague, kind-of-cool sounding nouns you could throw in there, and that's assuming you don't just make up some definition-free word of your own, like Mondeo or Consignia.

And big tech companies have teams of well-paid people who presumably spend months working on what to call their new thing. And what do they do? They do what everyone else does and they just call it the 'One'.

Great work, everyOne. 

1. Nexus One

google nexus one

Within days of Google announcing its first Nexus, the internet giant received a cease-and-desist-and-rename-that-phone from the estate of crazy sci-fi genius Philip K. Dick. The Nexus One android phone was a little close to the Nexus Six series of androids in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and although the Big G didn't have to rename the phone, this might mean the Nexus 5's successor will be called something else. Hey, how about the 'One'?  

1. xbox one

xbox one

Well, of course it's going to be called the One - it's the third in the series, so what else are they going to call it? Seriously, though, after Microsoft spent US$100 million on not really changing the controller, we would love to know how much Microsoft spent on the least imaginative name since, well...

1. ps one


Yes, the first console was simply the 'Playstation', but when Sony released the PS2 it was still selling the old console in huge numbers, and didn't stop for years - the redesigned PS One remained on sale until 2006. To save confusion and prevent thrifty parents from 'accidentally' buying the cheaper of the two PlayStations on the Dixons shelf, Sony gave it a name that marked it out as older hardware.

1. Acer Aspire One

Acer Aspire One

"Okay guys, we've got six months and about a gazillion in budget to come up with the greatest name ever for the new Aspire flagship."

"Six months? A gazillion? Well, we should go to Aruba."

"The Caribbean has served us well before... okay. But when we get back we get back, it'll be with a great name."

"And a great tan! But yeah, the name too, whatever. Or we'll just call it the One and go snorkelling."