The 10 best classic Asian horror comedies

Peacock King (1988)

Starring and co-directed by Yuen Biao, junior to Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan, Peacock King was a lavish joint production between Japan and Hong Kong. Its relatively high budget went into its special effects, some of which still looks pretty good by today's standards.

Although the movie can be a bit uneven on the whole, it still has the trademark goofball comedy vibe, sharply punctuated by tightly choreographed action. Based of the manga of the same name, the movie tells the story of two monks separated at birth, who have to use their magic powers to defeat a demon lord to save the world. Over the top? Yes. Awesome? You bet.

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Biozombie (1998)

Perhaps the death knell for the undead jiangshi sub-genre had been rung long ago, but the movie Biozombie surely helped it into its crypt. An Asian sendup of George A. Romero's zombie movies, the film had a tone that was more streetwise and edgy, with its humor also reflecting the irreverence tone of Hong Kong 90's youth culture.

Jordan Chan plays the main character who gets caught up in a zombie outbreak within the claustrophobic walls of a Hong Kong shopping mall. Biozombie signaled a move back towards modern urban horror comedy, as the action packed zany humor of the jiangshi movies faded into obscurity. A bit of unrelated trivia: Wilson Yip, the director and co-writer, found later success at the director of Ip Man - starring Donnie Yen.

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