Raise Your Mobile Security Awareness With This Quiz By Samsung

From passwords to accessing free Wi-Fi, never disregard your device’s security

We now live in the digital age where basically almost everything we do in our daily lives is done while connected to the Internet. In most cases, the routines we follow will involve us using our mobile devices as medium between ourselves and the connected world.

As the technology of connectivity advances, so does the risks that follows after it. Therefore, it is crucial for a user to be wary as valuable and private information may stored in these devices.

Thanks to Samsung, here’s a quiz that also provide useful pointers in regards to mobile security.

Passwords; the most basic yet crucial security method since the beginning of the age of The Internet. It’s highly important that you keep yours as complex and less predictable as possible to deny intruders access. Of course, do keep note of it somewhere or else you’ll be kept out of your account or device too.

System updates can be a drag. We’ve been there too. It could be a massive download or its installation could take a long time to complete. Tedious it may be, system updates are crucial to ensure that all the latest security algorithms are installed. An outdated OS will most likely have plenty of back doors open or even exploits for intruders to take advantage of.


Okay, fine. I think most of us will definitely go for the selfie first. With jokes aside, never disregard the worst case scenario: losing your phone. Always set up a lock screen to ensure that no one else (including a nosy relative) could access your phone if you happen to left it somewhere. Current phones offer a bevy of cool security innovations, we at Stuff Asia highly recommend a multi-step approach rather than solely relying on a fingerprint or facial scanner.

Think of it this way, mobile payments via app (in this case, with Samsung Pay) is pretty similar to doing cashless payments with your debit or credit card. The major difference being that you’ll have extra levels of security (that includes lock screens) on your phone which prevents anyone else from accessing your mobile payment app.

For your own personal security on spending, we highly recommend having a strong willpower to avoid impulse purchases.

You’ll be amazed on how advanced device tracking has become. Trying to remotely track your lost mobile device was a thing of dreams back in the day, where couches could hold your phone captive until you decided to finally do spring cleaning 11 years after.

Now, should you lose your phone due to an unfortunate circumstance, you could actually locate it via services such as Samsung’s Find My Mobile. If your phone is a lost cause (like it ended up in Cambodia or something), these services also offer the ability to remotely lock your phone. Therefore, leaving the thieves with nothing but a brick that used to be a smartphone.

Another sin we’re most likely guilty of. Yes, the temptations of FREE WI-FI is real. It’s okay if you’re planning to browse your (pre-logged in) social media platforms, but avoid logging into accounts or purchasing things when connected such public networks.

Well… umm... the rest of us here at Stuff Asia are not really well versed with blockchain or crypto related topics, so ya’ll better read what Samsung has to say regarding this!

It’s without a doubt that not all of us are Samsung Galaxy owners, but the advice provided in the infographic above are worth noting for all users of mobile devices. Make sure you got your device security covered and stay safe in the digital age.