3 April Fool Products By Razer That Could Be Real

List includes a Robot sensei, a wearable drone system and a hovering mouse

Not to long ago, it was announced that a Razer Toaster (known as Project Breadwinner) became an actual product after being teased as an April Fool joke in 2013. Apparently the glowing-RGB-enabled toaster with the Razer Logo at its side was so desirable, that a community page set up for it got 45,000 followers and over 1 Million on their campaign post and won the bet against Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang to get it produced.

More recently, the Razer Respawn which is flavoured caffeinated water aimed at gamers became an actual thing (funnily enough it wasn’t the first attempt as there was a more direct version of this product called Razer Venom that is administered via a needle into your blood vessel) which made us wonder. What other past April Fool products by Razer could actually become real if it gains enough popularity?

Razer S.A.i.S.O

The most feasible one right now would definitely be the S.A.i.S.O ; a robot with an artificial intelligence (A.I) that can teach you how to get better at video games. Those aspiring to be an Esports athlete but can’t afford a coach, could use this robot instead. The robot was teased in 2017 and is said to feature self learning A.I to suit your personality, can act as a guard dog for your gaming rig, and can manage all your social medias (and streaming services) for you, so you can focus on what really matters – gaming.

Razer Eidolon

Back when it was teased in 2014, this drone seemed like an impossibility. The Drone featured a dock that is worn on your forearm and functions as the main way of controlling the drone (using tilt control, we assume). It was also claimed to be able to stream everything it sees in its camera to your vision in 1080p at 60fps. With the advancements in Drone Racing and also wearable drones like the Nixie, we feel this product could actually be produced in the near future (minus the membrane contact lens of course).

Razer McFly

Aside from the cheesy name, this product is a levitating mouse that claims to provide faster and more accurate aiming by eliminating drag when using it on a surface. Using magnets to power its ability to hover, this is the one product (teased in 2015) we feel could be cooler if it was implemented in gaming chair. Just imagine the number of office chair grand prix you’d be able to win. Glorious.



If any of you really want to see these products come to life, best you start a Facebook page or continuously contact Razer so they get the message. Who knows, all that hype may actually get Razer to consider it seriously! After all, if they’re going to make a toaster and an energy drink, anything is now possible.