Today’s trendiest wireless earphones are just earpieces: no wires, no battery pack and no chance of finding them again once they’ve found their way behind your bed or sofa. Yes, we're looking at you, Apple AirPods.

The SoundMagic E10BT earphones are nothing like those show-offs, getting you a practical design and good sound quality for much less cash. There’s just one sticking point: the battery. Instead of building the power supply into a neckband or remote unit, the SoundMagic E10BTs have a little rectangle of battery you need to clip to something - your collar or a shirt pocket, maybe. Leave it dangling and it doesn’t rip the buds out of your ears, but is an obvious weight.

How well you get on with the E10BTs depends entirely on your reaction to this battery, because everything else about the pair is great. The price? Spot on. The Bluetooth reliability? Near-perfect. The sound quality? Just like the normal SoundMagic E10Cs, it’s great. And thanks to the separate battery, the E10BTs also last 12 hours between charges rather than the usual 6-8. 

You’ll struggle to get better sound from a wireless pair of in-ears at the price. There’s the classic E10 slight bass boost, paired with clean treble and slightly recessed but detailed mids. Like the normals E10s, there’s some extra mid-bass padding they could do without, but it doesn’t spoil the sound.

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