Go big or go bold with a whole new collection of watches from Swatch

The ‘80s analogue watch king has six new models so you can treat your wrist to some classy timekeeping
Promoted by Swatch

Your dad’s expensive chronograph might get him noticed at the golf club, but proper, self-winding Swiss watches are the real bastions of functional style, and the best part – these don’t cost the Earth! 

Swatch watches are nice, right? They make sure you arrive in time at the doctor’s, despite the fact that you know they’re running behind schedule as always. They’re fashion accessories. They speak to people about you, as a person. They’re pretty great. And they don’t destroy your wallet either. In fact, if you go to buy one, we bet you’d come back with two. Because, with a splash of colours and the right dose of style, one is never enough!

Bigger, Bolder, Better

The Big Bold Collection is the best way to add a pop of colour, giving out the impression that you care about your appearance. Making bold statements with a 47mm watch case, these timepieces are perfect for the youth that is proud of sporting limited edition urban streetwear on their wrists. Bathing Ape and Swatch collaboration – BAPE is another one to be added to the oversized collection. Complete with the signature Ape Head logo, their five limited-edition watches, each dedicated to the globalised world we live in, along with a sixth model, the Big Bold Bape The World keeps the Swiss brand’s heritage intact.