Xperia Z5 rumours refuse to cease as promo shot leaks out

PR snap might just be Sony's new not-so-compact Z-series handset

Sony’s Xperia Z5 might just be the worst-kept secret after the new Nexus 6.

Whilst the Japanese tech giant is yet to officially unveil the new Z5 and its Compact sibling, a plethora of images has already emerged online, and now Dutch website TechTastic has managed to get its mitts on an alleged promotional shot of the Compact.

The unverified PR snap only shows the back of the handset, but it’s enough to all but confirm that the new additions to Sony’s Xperia Z-line are on the horizon – almost certainly bound for the IFA conference in a couple of weeks.

Consistent Compact Styling

Despite being a thoroughly low-def screen-snap, it’s nevertheless easy to see that Sony has stuck with the sleek styling that we’re used to on handsets. It's likely to carry a glass front-and-back and the same 20.7MP rear camera that graced the Z3+.

Earlier in the year, PhoneArena released a supposed leak of the Z5’s specs and they were nothing to be sniffed at: Snapdragon 820 processor smarts, 4GB of RAM and, apparently, a colossal 4,500mAh battery pack.

Beyond these, there’s little concrete information floating in the rumour-sphere about the Z5 and Z5 Compact, though TechTastic claims it was also able to grab the handset itself and suggested it was in line with leaked shots which emerged a few weeks ago.

Fitness smarts for your Xperia

Imminent release bel-ifa-d

The Dutch website also reckons that the power button of previous Z-series iterations has been replaced by a fingerprint scanner, which would be in line with the greater integration of biometric security penned for Android Marshmallow (given that previous Sony interfaces have been Android-based).

There is, of course, only one way to find out: with Sony due to announce at least one handset at IFA in Berlin come September, these may or may not be completely accurate or inaccurate predictions for the Z5 or Z5 Compact (maybe).

[Source: Techradar]