The world’s fastest SUV arrives in India. Say hello to the Bentley Bentayga

Insane performance meets even more insane luxury

Part of being flush with the green stuff is that you get what you want. What’s the point if you’ve got a few billion on your account and yet drive around in a boring diesel sedan? Nope, that just won’t do…. But the Bentayga might be a wise buy.

Think about it -  what would your pals say the next time you bump into them at Davos? That’s why you need a car, er, SUV, that won’t ever get you mistaken for an imposter when you show up for dinner at the White House. And the prime candidate for ‘perfect car for the billionaire’ is the Bentley Bentayga, the world’’s fastest SUV.

We know it almost sounds a bit insulting to talk about specs at times like this, but here they are: The  W12 motor under the mile-long hood churns out 600 horses with 900Nm of torque. All that’s enough to give this monster of a ‘car’ (it weighs nearly two-and-a-half tonnes) a 0-60 mph (96 km/h) time of 4 seconds.

And with a top speed of 301 km/h, you could conceivably do the Delhi-Jaipur run (except that our roads make it a bit of an impossibility) in less time as it’d take you to polish off some Norwegian salmon with a bottle of Krug.

It’s not all about brawny engines though. There’s an 8-speed automatic transmission and full-time All-Wheel Drive, Hill Descent Control,LED adaptive headlamps with High Beam Assist, Dynamic Driving modes, Bentley Dynamic Ride with Active Roll Control, Heads-Up Display, an 8in infotainment system and a lot, lot more. Phew, we’re running out of breath here!

But more importantly, the Bentley has all the luxury of a drawing room in a Saudi sheikh’s vacation home: A panoramic sunroof, a handcrafted, full leather interior that lets you choose from 15 kinds of hides (when was the last time you saw this in a brochure?) and uses plenty of wood and metal accents, quilted seats, deep pile carpets...

Figured in the Panama Papers? Bankers in the Caymans have you on speed dial? Weekend breaks mean taking the Gulfstream to Paris? This is the right car for you! And at a piffling 3.85 crore, it shouldn’t be that hard to take a decision. You know you want it!