We want these Star Wars speakers on our desks, right now

[Star Wars pun goes here, make sure it’s really funny and clever]

Look at those severed heads up there. You know who they belong to, and so does your nan. Even your goldfish recognises them. Just ask him. One bubble for yes, two for no. What you might not realise at first glance however, is the secret hidden within each one.

These are no ordinary collectables, and they definitely shouldn’t be locked away in a glass cabinet, next to your unopened Yoda lightsaber replica and rare box-fresh Wookie man-thong. No sir.

These are, in fact, portable 2.1 Bluetooth speakers, packed with two tweeters and a bottom facing sub to blast out the Cantina theme (or any other song for that matter) in proper Star Wars-style. If you don’t fancy throwing your music wirelessly via Bluetooth, you can cable it up with a trusty AUX connection too.

Oh, and the eyes not only glow when paired up, but they chirp out iconic phrases when turned on.

Each speaker has been meticulously recreated to match their original screen counterparts - so much so in fact, that the grills on the Stormtrooper helmet are actually real - as opposed to the simple stickers used in the films themselves.

Officially licensed by Disney, they can both be pre-ordered now for an early bird price, with an estimated February 2016 delivery date.