Turn back the clock

Onkyo is offering wannabe audiophiles a shot at living the vintage life with its latest offering

Most of us who have grown up on a diet of MP3s or CDs wouldn’t make much of this, but for anyone who belongs to the Woodstock generation, being able to own a modern turntable is a big deal.

Onkyo has realised this latent demand in vinyl and is now offering its purpose-built CP-1050 turntable for audiophiles on a budget. Using modern technology to eliminate or reduce some of the most common problems that turntables are plagued with, Onkyo has sweetened the entry into the world of analog sound. A low-torque electric motor replaces traditional belt-driven mechanisms for greater accuracy and freedom from distortion.

If you are a DIY-er or like tweaks, there’s respite in the design too. The tonearm features a detachable headshell that allows you to swap the stock cartridge for more exotic aftermarket options. You can also select from 33 ⅓ or 45 RPM as the rotation speeds for different vinyl by just flicking a button on the top deck. It ships with an MM cartridge and a die-cast 305mm aluminium platter and solid MDF base deck construction. For a very palatable 45,000, Onkyo has opened up a pandora’s box of vintage possibilities. With LPs becoming more readily available, including new titles, the time is right to add a different flavour to your collection. Of course, they will sound exponentially more satisfying than listening to MP3s, but ensure that your amplifier has a phono input before plunging in for a musical massage.