There's no need for a phone if you've got Intex's IRist smartwatch

3G, voice calling and GPS, make the IRist a stand-alone wearable

Wearables are all the rage and if you still haven't caught up with this trend, you should now.

That's what the chaps at Intex are saying, and they showed off something new to sweeten the wearable deal at the MWC Shanghai 2015 - the IRist smartwatch.

Yet aother smartwatch? Hold on to yer horses - unlike most other smartwatches, the IRist is a standalone device - you can tether it to your phone via bluetooth, but there's no need to. That's 'cos the IRist has a 3G SIM facility built in. You can make calls, send emails, and even browse the web on the IRist.

As for the hardware, you get a 1.5in, 240x240 IPS display with sapphire glass, a dual core MediaTek processor, 512MB RAM, and 4GB RAM (expandable by 32GB). You also get a camera, IP65 water resistance (in effect, rain proof), Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and a 5MP camera. And you also get a bundled set of Bluetooth headphones. Wish you were a suave secret agent? This is what you need.

All this is running atop Android KitKat - not Android Wear as you'd expect. According to Intex, that's because they intend this to work as a standalone smartwatch - something you can use without a phone. There's also a Voice Assistant app on the IRist, and as it's running the full version of Android, you've also got Google Now. Insert a micro SIM and you get to use 3G data and can make / receive calls. You can also tether it to your phone via Bluetooth to use with your existing SIM, but you then lose out on the calling and SMS facility - though you'll still receive notifications from your phone.

The Intex IRist is available in three colours (black, orange, and pink) and has a list price of 11,999. Expect a launch in the coming month - you'll be able to pick up the IRist on eBay or offline retailers.