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This month, we dive off the far-end right into the swirling vortex of gaming, drones and more so that you can have a fresh gander of all things cool.

So, you’ve finally embraced the adventure junkie in you eh? Why not brag about it a bit then? We take four of the toughest cams out there and test their mettle in the punishing environs of kayaking, whitewater rafting and mountain biking. And while the outdoors are great, check out our cover story on the greatest games to blitzkreig your coming year. From Star Wars: Battlefront to No Man’s Sky, to Fallout 4 - we got ‘em all covered. Just hope your gaming rig or console can handle being warm for a long, long time to come.

Smartphones: a Tale of cutting Edges, Flagship Killers and 3rd Generations


Never a dull moment in the world of smartphones. The current favourite of Rosie Palm and her five sisters, smartphones lead the most touching lives, and the recent slew of releases are as gripping as ever. From decoding the enigma and awe behind the curved edges of the Samsung Note S6+, to testing the latest Goliath-slayer i.e. the OnePlus2 and the 3rd-generation of the crowd-pleaser, The Moto G - we do it all. Your fingers never had it this good, ever.

All Hail the overlord of the gaming laptops

‘Chay hello tchu my lil friend’ is how we’d imagine the Scarface of the gaming world would put it, before blowing people to smithereens with the mighty MSI Titan SLI. Make no assumptions, this is a beast. We’ve tried our best to not be daunted by the sheer size and audacious specs. We’ve put it through the wringer to see if this is truly what gamers dream of when they lie awake in their fortresses of solitude, dreaming of a fearsome gaming lappy. Warning: any laptop after this, might just seem like a pithy joke.

Get a bird’s-eye view; drop the bird

Statements like ‘ Drones are the future’ belong somewhere in 2013, or further back. They’re here, and they’re annoying birds like nobody’s business. From ‘Drone Tourism’, that offer you all of the sight-seeing of touristy destinations without leaving the comfort of your comforter, to riding with the unchallenged King of Drones: the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, we’ve flown it all. Getting your hands on a joystick has never been this fun.

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