Stuff July issue is here!

Phones got real smart at Stuff this month, as did gaming laptops

First, we’ll allow you to ogle. Yes, that cover did take a lot of effort to shoot, but boy, were we blown away by Audi’s 600bhp powerhouse, the magnificent R8. So ogle away.

That was just the cover – we’ve got more goodies inside, slightly more affordable ones. Take a look at our cover story – flagship phones. Apple, Samsung, LG and HTC have pulled out all their smarts and are neck and neck when it comes to goodies on offer. We list these out for you in this issue, along with juicy updates from the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Want a smartphone that’s more affordable with just as much (or, we suspect, even more) wow value? There’s a new hipster on the rise – the OnePlus 3 – and if you haven’t heard people raving about it yet, you must be living under a rock. Time to update yourself on its wonders, then.

We also made the most of the rainy days. Our hands were busy indoors with four insane gaming laptops, and even jazzed up our helmets with a Lightmode EL kit. As for the outdoors, we played around with a Jaguar XE and a Mercedes-Benz GLC, and shot it all on Canon’s budget DSLR, the EOS 1300D. Much fun was had, as you’ll see.

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