Sick of seeing your sunglasses take a tumble each time you stand up? Try Oakley’s Latch

Sunglasses that stay clipped on to your pocket might just be what you need

A pretty simple solution to an issue that’s vexed ‘cool dudes’ since the first hair styling gel was invented.

All those who’ve had a precious pair of sunglasses take a tumble onto an unforgiving concrete floor, can we have a show of hands, please? Okay, you can keep your hands down now and listen up - Oakley say they have this issue licked.

You see, their designers have come up with a rather simple solution - a little latch (duh!) that keeps your new ‘shades’ secure on your shirt while you sit around chugging beer in a pub. Okay, it’s actually meant for urban activity freaks - the sort of people who think a spot of parkour (or skateboarding) is just what you need to drive away the workday blues.  But hey, it’ll even work for us sedentary types - whether you actually go around with a skateboard under your arm, or are more like us (and prefer to get all your urban activity in front of a console or by lifting a pint o’ microbrew), the Oakley Latch (6990) should stay put in your pocket no matter how much you're jumping around.

Oh, and there’s another reason why you might like the Latch - the boost to your street cred amongst your more clued-in mates once you point out your new shades have been inspired by skate legends Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Curren Caples, along with photographer Atiba Jefferson.