Samsung targets Galaxy 2.0 for 2019-29 with new strategy

After a decade of Galaxy (1.0) the Korean tech giant plans to take Galaxy 2.0 to the next level

Yes, a decade of Samsung’s Galaxy series has completed and Samsung is planning to celebrate the 10th anniversary with a brand new strategy to welcome the Galaxy 2.0 ahead.

2009 to 2019 saw Samsung take on the world, its fans and its rivals with a series of Galaxy phones right from the budget seekers to the premium buyers. With M and A series, Samsung gave the smartphone users a choice within their budget and with the S series, the flagships pack their latest innovations within a well-thought price bracket. 

However, now Samsung wants to break that segmentation and focus more on being an experienced innovator from being just another electronics manufacturer, and hence Galaxy 2.0 will be their next move for the future decade.

WTF is... Samsung Galaxy 2.0?

When in talks with Stuff at their Korean headquarters in Suwon, Samsung’s Global Brand Marketing head Sonia Chang said that Samsung wants to move away from being just a smartphone manufacturer and focus more on the user’s experience to help them choose the products designed just for them. Hence, Samsung will give higher focus to Generation Z, keeping the basic requirements well in place.

With the number of smartphone users increasing every year and with 5G soon coming into play, Samsung wants to cater to all users on a different level, but categorising them well. After selling numerous phones in the Galaxy M, A and S series, their research helped them break the smartphone users into three main categories –– namely video, lifestyle and productivity. And with interconnecting gadgets that fit into their IoT segment, Samsung wants to make their lives even easier as they can connect and transfer content from one gadget to another seamlessly. This way, Samsung can target each user differently and provide them with handsets that are aimed for them specifically. 

An internal research (globally) has helped Samsung categorise their smartphone customer base into three new segments which are video or multimedia, lifestyle and productivity. Hence, Samsung will now aim the A series to an age group between 12 and 23 which look for affordable phones but with a good blend of performance, style and camera. The S series is targeted to the age group between 18 and 34 who needs a mix of high performance and style. Lastly, the Galaxy Note series will aim for the age group between 24 and 34 which will cater to the productivity segment where professionals will get the best of everything they require in the premium bracket. Samsung names this group as the ‘New Work Tribe.’  

With the new strategy in place, Samsung seems to have a clearer picture of their target audience ahead and plans the Galaxy 2.0 for the next decade (2019 - 29). The next 10 years will be a decade to watch with Samsung soon planning to target customers’ needs rather than just manufacture smartphones ahead. Taking the step ahead, Samsung will soon be launching the Galaxy A80 in India which will mark their Galaxy 2.0 in action.