Samsung rolls out camera-fixing software update for its S20 range

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series of smartphones have already hit store shelves, but according to most reviewers out there, the cameras aren’t performing as expected. The details are a bit on the low side, and the focus struggles quite a bit when shooting both photos and video. So Samsung has quickly come out with a software fix that is meant to specifically improve the camera’s performance (there’s one too many of them on the Ultra). While the fix is specifically meant for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, other S20 smartphones seem to be receiving them as well, so Samsung may be upping its camera performance across the board indeed. On the Ultra it’s a 368MB patch that, according to Samsung, is supposed to improve camera performance. Samsung has not specifically mentioned what has been improved, or the issues that have been addressed, but we have our fingers crossed for some noticeable improvements at least when it comes to focusing, if nothing else. Another topic that has been addressed is device security, but that could be down to the March 1, 2020 security patch that Google rolled out earlier. So nothing to worry about on that front. Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Ultra should be out soon, so stay tuned for a detailed review in the coming weeks.