Okay, how smart can a body weighing scale get?

Withings’ new Wi-Fi weighing scale - the Body, has the answering smarts for you

If you’re 1) looking at losing weight, 2) intend to go about it in a no-holds-barred manner, and 3) use all the tech you can get your hands, feet and sleep cycle on, then here’s a new gadget for you. Withings’ Wi-Fi weighing scale, the Body.

While it can’t get you off your couch or, if you’re actually going buck-wild, remind you to stretch and cool down, it surely can help you get a full understanding of your body composition. This, in turn, is likely to help you achieve your weight goals, or show you where you’re lacking.

Is the Body smarter than me?

Yes. The Body uses a scientific technique called biometrical impedance, giving you a complete analysis of your weight, BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, hydration levels and, wow, weather forecast. It doesn’t stop there, though. What you have here is a scale that coaches, rewards and records your data automatically. Team it up with one of Withings activity trackers from the Activité series to keep things health-, fitness- and sleep-focused, and you’re set. The Activité will track your activity (steps, swimming, distance, calories burned) as well as sleep. So, to answer your question, not only is the Body smarter than you, it is also likely to give your body more attention than you ever will.

So it’s just a smarter tracker, right?

Wrong. The Body connects to the award-winning Withings Health Mate app (₹free | Android, iOS) and automatically syncs data after every use of the scale. The app will add in metrics from the Activité to give you a comprehensive understanding of the activity you’ve just completed and its impact on your overall health. In addition, the app integrates with over 150 partner apps to provide nutrition tracking, GPS run tracking and more to round out your wellness experience. Smarter than you thought, eh?

Works for me…

…and seven more users, if you’ve got a bunch of like-minded, inspired enthusiasts around. The Body automatically recognises and records data for all eight users. The screen guides you and your fitness buddies on how to place their feet in the most stable position, while the patented Position Control ensures the most accurate measurement. The Body lasts up to 18 months without any recharging necessary. Ready to throw in the money? It’s for ₹12,499 on Amazon.