The Oculus Rift will let you join your friends at the cinema, in your underwear

*Virtual cinema that is. Please don't visit your local picture house in your boxers

The Oculus Rift already lets you watch movies in a virtual cinema with its aptly named Oculus Cinema app. The trouble is, you're sitting on your own in a vast field of spookily empty seats, and the experience feels a little shallow.

That's set to change however. Oculus founder Palmer Lucky tells Road to VR that the ultimate aim is to replicate the experience of watching movies with friends.

Oculus Cinema will be receiving an update to enable you to sit next to your mates (all kitted out in virtual avatars) and enjoy movies together - all without anyone having to leave their house.

Lucky also suggests that an in-built chat functionality is also on the cards, though he fails to mention a popcorn throwing app.

The consumer version of the Oculus Rift is due to land next year, so it shouldn't be too long before your virtual self kicks back and relaxes in plush movie-watching seats with familiar company.

[via Tech Radar]