Motorola’s folding RAZR irons out a few creases with a new update

That second display is about to get really useful

Motorola has started rolling out a new update to users in the US that finally makes its second (non-folding) outer display a lot more useful and practical.

The new update basically gets users up to speed with Android 10, but is mainly meant to address the outer display, which has not really helped with improving the usability of the folding smartphone to any extent.

While you could reply with Quick Replies earlier, the new update gets a swipe-happy keyboard on the outside so you can swipe away complete messages instead of cryptic replies. There are also more apps that can make use of that display. Google Maps now gets you turn by turn navigation on the outside while a number of music apps like Spotify, YouTube Music and more will now see playback controls on the Quick View display.

Oh, and that outer display also gets themes with the new update! The front-facing camera also gets you new camera modes like Group Selfie, Portrait mode, Spot Colour and many others. Accessing the selfie camera is now easier as well, with just a right swipe to fire it up or a twist of the wrist to Quick Capture.

Indeed, all of these new features do make the foldable a lot easier to handle, making it an attractive buy as well. But you do have to remember that it’s been launched at ₹1,24,999 in India.