Mobiefit launches FirstRun app for India

Get ready to run with Gul Panag

Search for ‘run’ in the Play Store and the first result will probably be Temple Run 2. If only you were looking for a great running game.

The jeans are getting tighter, the spouse a little meaner and the shame a little deeper as the weighing scale creaks under your weight. The F word is around the corner, and we don’t mean the one that rhymes with puck. There is hope though. Mobiefit wants you lose weight and get fit the old fashioned way.

Hey Gul, let's run together

Mobiefit's latest app, FirstRun has been made from the ground-up keeping in mind beginner runners. Immediately upon installation, it will ask whether you want a nine week program that will train you to run 30 minutes non-stop or a 12 week program that will train you to run for 65 minutes non-stop. Pick one and off you go. Does that sound a tad boring? Hold on then. Right about now is when things get interesting. Gul Panag, everyone's favorite indie actress/socialite/fitness freak/activist is apparently one of the co-founders of Mobiefit. So guess who your voice coach is in FirstRun? That’s correct. Ms. Panag herself. She’ll be crooning running tips and tricks in your ears as you sweat and pant your way to your goal of the day.

Watch out Mr. Bolt

The app seems pretty simple and fluid. Apart from tracking the run, it offers in-depth stats, running basics and multiple running programs. Right now Gul Panag is the only trainer option but more are supposed to be added. Why anyone would run with anyone else is beyond us. Once you begin a session, the display just shows the time, the activity and three buttons for controlling the session, music and lock screen. Minimal and utilitarian, we like. The app does not focus on speed or distance, instead it encourages you to just run for a specific time. The first session requires you to run for a total of less than ten minutes, with each run being only one minute. As you progress through the sessions, the running time increases.

There are plenty of great running apps in the Play Store like Runtastic, Runkeeper and Nike Running. The beginner focus and the celebrity element in FirstRun though put it on top of our week’s must-have apps list.

You can get FirstRun for Android here