Meet Audi's electrically turbocharged street racer

We dare you to call the 592bhp TT clubsport concept a hairdresser’s car. Go on. We dare you

Why has someone glued an ironing board to the back of a perfectly nice Audi TT?

Very funny. That's actually a spoiler, and it's got its work cut out trying to stop this 592bhp monster from taking off. Just look at its face - this Audi doesn't look like it has a good sense of humour.

That's some equally serious horsepower, have they stuck a V8 under the bonnet?

Not at all. You'll be impressed when we say that a 2.5-litre twin-turbocharged petrol engine resides under the aggressively styled nose. But it's not just any turbocharger, it's an 'e-turbo'.

It's inspired by the early 90s rave scene?

The 'e-turbo' has absolutely nothing to do with sweaty warehouses and repetitive beats; it's simply a fancy way of labelling Audi's new electronically -assisted turbocharger.

The new fangled tech gets rid of the typical delay associated with a conventional exhaust gas-powered turbocharger and ensures the clubsport turbo concept accelerates like a bat out of hell.

I've never really been into Meat Loaf...

Forget Meat Loaf, what you're looking at is potentially the future of turbocharging. Audi claims it will massively boost performance and improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

In fact, the marque is ready to strap the technology onto its turbo diesel engines with a view to develop petrol-powered versions in the future.

Any other technical wizardry I should be aware of?

Yes, Audi has also implemented a new 48-volt electrical system that will eventually run these 'e-turbos' when they hit production cars. The clubsport concept stores a snazzy compact lithium-ion battery in the boot, as opposed to the regular 12-volt block you can buy in Halfords.

The car has also been completely stripped back for track use, so it gets adjustable coilover suspension, lightweight bucket seats with race harnesses and carbon fibre trim. There's even a very lovely open gate manual transmission (like the one in the Audi R8) to play with.

What sort of performance figures can I expect?

Theoretically, it should sprint off the line with Tesla-esque prowess. Audi claims the 650Nm of torque is enough to get the TT clubsport concept from 0-100kph in 3.6 seconds, with that electrically assisted turbocharger providing more punch from low down in the rev range.

Here's my chequebook, I want two...

Easy tiger, this is just a concept, and Audi currently doesn't have any plans to put it into production. But the German marque is due to release an updated TT RS model, which could be well worth spending your cash on.