Latest Apple Watch patent could dump your dock

Magnetic magic might keep the screen scratch-free too

It’s not quite a first look at the Apple Watch 2, but a patent uncovered this week puts a small spotlight on what Apple has in store for its next wearable.

Apple calls it the Magnetic Wristband; it's a replacement watch strap that's jam-packed with magnets, a bit like the Milanese loop and leather loop bands that are available right now. The big difference here is that the magnets have different polarities along the length of the strap.

It would lock in place on your wrist, but could be flipped around for a few neat tricks that would keep it free from scratches. The flexible strap could wrap around the Watch, covering the screen and heart rate sensor.

That sounds ideal for when you run out of battery; just wrap it up and throw it in a bag, and it'll be perfectly safe from scratches.

Rolling up one end would create a stand, so you can see the screen from bed when it's sat on your nightstand. You could even slap it onto the fridge while you’re doing the washing up or cooking dinner.

The patent was originally filed in August last year, but only spotted by AppleInsider earlier this week.

Like a lot of the inventions Apple patents, there's a good chance this'll never actually become a reality, but the timing is just long enough to make it a possibility for the Apple Watch 2. 

The latest rumours are still pointing to a launch some time in March.