Honor unveils the super-competent, super-affordable 5X

Confuses everyone by using the same name as Nexus

Honor has been churning out some great devices over the last couple of years.

Ever since Huawei made it a standalone brand. Hmm.. Coincidence? We think not. The strategy has clearly paid off. After the rather excellent Honor 7 last year, Honor is back again with a couple of solid smartphones. While the 7 was the spec-heavy monster meant to challenge the OnePlus 2s of the world, the new Honor 5X is the more affordable little brother. First things first though- Why would you call your smartphone 5X? The Nexus 5X was just launched and it’s clearly, no offence, the bigger (and better) brand. Oooh. Unless. Honor wants to confuse the market and grab those bottom feeders who don’t know who makes what phone. Smart.

Anyway, the 5X was very recently unveiled in Mumbai and we spent a few minutes groping it. The 5.5in 400ppi FHD display grabs your eyeballs and doesn’t really let go till you lock the phone. Delicious screen. The body is mostly metal, there are some plastic elements but when you hold it, it feels like a premium smartphone, not some rinky-dink Chinese knockoff.

The sides house dual SIM as well as memory card slots, and underneath the camera at the back sits our favourite feature of the phone - the fingerprint scanner. This new-gen scanner is, of course, blazing fast at unlocking the phone but that is merely the tip of the iceberg. You can assign apps to various fingers - index finger opens camera, middle finger opens Facebook, ring finger opens Tinder, and so on. You can also swipe up and down on the capacitive scanner to bring down notifications and see all the apps running in the background. Great stuff.

[UPDATE- 29/01/2016] The Honor 5x is now available via Flipkart and Amazon for ₹12,999. 


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This stocky mid-ranger chugs along on an Octa-Core Snapdragon 617. Day to day tasks would be a breeze but some heavy gaming might cause it to wheeze. As with all Honor phones, battery is a cool 3000mAh. All day usage would not be a problem at all, just don’t watch too much Netflix on 4G. We couldn’t test the cameras but the spec sheet tells us it’s a 13MP/5MP set.

Android Lollipop 5.1 still seems to be the flavour Honor likes. About time Marshmallow rolls out if you ask us. The new EMUI 3.1 was also present, making things a little more colorful than the third iteration. We don’t know how we feel about that, to be honest.

The powers that be tell us this phone will be available on Flipkart and will be priced under ₹15,000. Our bet? ₹12,999. We’ll know on January 28th. At that price point, this one might be a keeper. Even better than the Moto G?

We’ll be putting this through some serious work for the full review so check back soon.