Here’s a non-contact attendance kit for your office by Secureye

Has thermal temperature scanning, too

When the lockdown is raised, your office should see an upgrade before it becomes operational again. And with the old-style attendance marking system now soon to be sent to the gallows, you need to have something in place that involves speed without any physical contact.

Secureye, a security solutions brand, has announced a new thermal non-contact-based biometric system for corporates. It can scan temperature and face in under 2 seconds, and can scan and sound off an alarm if it detects varying temperature changes. The device supports 200W Pixel HD colour camera, 100W infrared cameras and can perform body temperature detection from up to 0.5 metres.

It has a display screen of 12.7cm electronic capacity touch screen with a screen resolution of 854x480. Lastly, it can store up to 3,000 user IDs, 20,000 face IDs and 10,00,000 user records. Interested? The price tag on this one is 1,00,000 excluding taxes.