GOQii’s inspirational talk and new launch announcements will make you want to take your health seriously

Lifestyle changes now coupled with available tech at hand hold the promise of a healthy future

The upcoming year holds the promise of a healthier future for all those who have converted to the GOQii way of life.

It isn’t one where you follow a fad diet or join the gym as a wannabe fitness enthusiast. Over the course of four years of its existence, the folks at GOQii have inspired many to change their lifestyles for good, as a way of ‘preventive’ healthcare, rather than the corrective outlook most of us peeps have.

There’s no overwhelming array of fitness bands that were launched here. Technological advances reflect in the GOQii fitness bands currently in the market, but none were displayed at this event. But there’s more here - motivation by way of live workout, meditation and nutritional sessions - all in real time through the app. And the devices in question help you modify your fitness status without making your pockets send out SOS signals.


Get moving with GOQii

It’s got an affordable price tag, yes, but this ain’t no cheap fitness band. GOQii’s dedication to health is impressive and it’s paved the way for a revolutionary ‘India Step Challenge’ - a 100-days national step challenge in order to raise awareness and get Indians active and make health a priority.

According to a Stanford Study released in 2017, Indians are among the world's laziest and take just 4,297 steps a day. GOQii’s initiative wants to counter the “I’d rather have an extra hour in bed than get up and go for a walk” attitude. The challenge is to get participants from 29 States and 7 union territories to compete to be the healthiest. Walk on, achieve the various milestones and win rewards of up to ₹3 crore. Sleep in all you want till January 26, 2019. Post that, walk big to win big!


New kids on the block

Once a GOQii user, your life pretty much revolves around it. So to make it even easier, GOQii has announced two more devices in the coming year. VitalECG and VitalGluco are small steps towards preventive healthcare. Aside from the regular fitness tracker features, GOQii’s VitalECG can help detect a variety of cardiac problems in advance and connects them with cardiac experts.  

GOQii VitalGluco is a Smart Glucometer that plugs into your smartphone audio port and blood glucose readings can be taken via strips. Glucose reading can be then shared with specialised GOQii Diabetes Coaches and doctors, another big step towards preventive living.  

Both devices launch in January.


Coach Sardar Singh

Your wellbeing is GOQii’s priority, hence the constant effort to have coaches that see you through your fitness journey. Adding to the bouquet of health, meditation and wellness experts, ex-India Olympic Hockey Captain and Padma Shri Sardar Singh is the newest GOQii Expert Coach. The international star player will be conducting live health & fitness coaching sessions via the GOQii Play app. The aim is to be able to reach out to the masses with his message, knowledge and experience of focusing on physical and mental strength.