Gi-Bike is a smart electric bicycle that folds up in a flash

This could be the ultimate commuter cycle – fast, convenient and packed with safety and security features

It's a bicycle. Impress me.This isn't just any bicycle – this is the Gi-Bike, and it may just be the future of pedal power.

How so?With more and more people switching to bicycles for the commute to work, there have been all sorts of innovations – folding bikes, electric pedal-assist bikes, biking apps, illuminated wheels. The Gi-Bike combines all of these features and more into one package.

What sort of features are we talking about here? Gi-Bike is a full-size bike that folds up in three seconds; simply flip a catch, and lift, and the bike folds down to half its size. When folded, it's designed in such a way that you can tow it around by the handlebars, wheeling it along.

So it folds. What else does it do? The Gi-Bike is available in two different variants; a pedal-powered version and one with electric pedal assist. The pedal-assisted version runs off a LifePo4 battery, and will chug along for 40 miles on a full charge at speeds of up to 15mph. It'll charge your smartphone too, with a USB port and a handy mount for your phone. You also get a Revolights-style illuminated front wheel and an integrated rear light, which switch on automatically at dusk.

What's it made of?Aluminium, mostly – the Gi-Bike weighs in at 12kg for the pedal-powered version, and 17kg for the electric version.

Sounds nice. And very desirable to bike thieves.Helpfully, the Gi-Bike has some security features that work in tandem with your phone; it syncs up with your smartphone and automatically locks when you're a certain distance away. You can loan your bike to friends, too, using the Gi-Bike app – which also shows remaining battery charge and tracks distance, speed and calories burned.

I want one! You'll have to move quickly – the Gi-Bike is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, with the pedal-powered version available for US$2590 (about ₹1.6 lacs), and the electric version costing US$3390 (about ₹2.15 lacs).

[Source: Kickstarter via TechCrunch]