Get fit (on a budget) with the Intex FitRist Cardio

It’s got alerts, music control and a heart-rate sensor

You don’t have to splurge on a fancy, expensive fitness band. Nope, the Intex FitRist Cardio gives you pretty much everything you’d want. And it costs less than a night out in town.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably not a stickler about a fitness regime. That makes us think - wouldn’t you be better served with an affordable fitness tracker rather a fancy one? Intex seem to agree and they’ve got the new FitRist Cardio out for people like us.

It’s not expensive (₹1499), and it’s got all the features you’ll need - there’s water-resistance, a heart-rate sensor, alerts and notifications (calls, texts, Facebook, WhatsApp…) has a hydration alarm (for water, not beer), a ‘dude, where’s my phone’ function for you forgetful types, sleep monitoring, and yes, it can even control music on your phone! Other ‘bonus’ features you might like are the stride personalisation (useful if you work for the Ministry of Silly Walks) and a camera control.

Want to get a FitRist cardio? Head over to Amazon India.