Get back to the Grind with candy for your skull!

Belligerent wordplay apart, Skullcandy launches its Grind series of headphones

Candy for your whaa?

I know. I know. It’s tough to wrap your minds around the whole ‘candy for your skull bit’. Yes it’s ingenious as it is tacky. Settle down already. It’s simple, people - good music makes one feel great, just like a candy makes one happy (we, indeed, are just grown up kids). Ergo, candy for thy skull, capiche?

The new series of headphones, in true Skullcandy fashion, is available in a variety of colour combinations that can either give a rainbow an insecurity complex or make hipsters feel like tweens high on hormones, if they aren’t tweens to begin with already. Priced at ₹3999, these on-ear headphones sport a metal headband with plush foam earpads - for the uninitiated, these can be a blessing when you're on a listen-to the-whole-album-spree of your favourite artist or one Dream Theatre song. Trust us, padding is almost always good, and that’s a universal truth.

Also, what’s a headphone in today’s smartphone-crazy world if it doesn’t offer call-handling capabilities? The Grind offers a unique and seemingly convenient on-ear ‘TapTech’ that allows you to handle calls and control your playlist. As for the audio output, Skullcandy’s known to be a fun pair of headphones for the listeners who love to hear songs with ample bass. The Grind series claims to deliver attacking bass, natural vocals with impressive highs and sport custom-tuned REX40 drivers. That’s one way to go when you don’t want to deviate from your usp. This is also keeping with Skullcandy’s latest mantra of delivering a ‘a premium headphone, without the premium price tag’. Only time will tell. Available exclusively on, we suggest you stock up on some Nucleya tracks like Koocha Monster for some good times on the grind.