Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones to get Note 5 and Edge+ delights

You don't need a new phablet to get Samsung Pay

With all of the news and excitement around Samsung’s newly-announced Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 handsets, it’s easy to forget that there are already loads of S6 and S6 Edge phones out there in the wild.

Thankfully, Samsung hasn’t forgotten them – in fact, a new update being pushed to the handsets in South Korea suggests many of the high-end software features announced for the Edge+ and Note 5 will also be hitting the existing handsets.

Payment prowess

Somewhat predictably, Samsung Pay will be the biggest bonus boon for current Galaxy fans, with the tech giant’s new mobile payments system apparently hitting the existing S6 and S6 Edge in the latest software.

Beyond truly taking the fight to Apple Pay and Android’s equivalent, the update also makes some cosmetic changes. TouchWiz might be a fluid operating system already, but the addition of updated icons and the user interface should keep it on point alongside rumoured improvements to iOS9’s usability come September.

As for further substantive changes, the S6 Edge will get Apps Edge (a stack-launcher of up to 5 apps from the wraparound edge of the screen), and audio-enhancing software will also be bundled onto the historic handsets.

Universal update

Still, the South Korean manufacturer hasn’t been totally giving: the RAW image capabilities of the Note 5 and Edge+ allegedly won’t be making it onto the S6 and S6 Edge.

That said, with a highly likely price drop about to hit the models released earlier this year, updated features mean Samsung is hedging its bets by offering high-end new tech alongside upgraded current offerings.

For the time being the update is only being pushed in South Korea, but it’s unlikely to be long before Samsung users globally see the benefits of the latest firmware.

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