Freecharge and IndusOS team up for a seamless e-wallet experience

Recharge 2.0 – OS-level integration of Freecharge – is coming your way

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the effects of demonetisation. But if you’re on the ‘Dammit’ side of the fence, here’s something that should make electronic payments a lot simpler

There’s a catch though   you’ll need to own a phone that uses Indus OS (our very own, desi-as-gulab-jamun flavour of Android)   which pretty much means something from Micromax. But in case you do have a compatible device, here’s what you get...



E for integration

Freecharge’s e-wallet will be integrated at the OS level the Recharge 2.0 system will let you recharge your pre-paid balance, make payments, check your wallet balance, keep a tab on individual call and SMS costs and get usage alerts… So you don’t need to open the Freecharge app, but can pretty much use its services through the dialer app.