Evotag safety tracker: Peace of mind for parents and pet owners

No more scary ‘Ram-Shyam at the mela’ moments with this Bluetooth tracker


Get the Evotag and take your kids along to the next edition of NH7 without a worry. Or use it to tag your pets at the park. Or even track luggage at the airport carousel

The Evoxyz Evotag might just be the solution to your worries about losing track of your kids or pets in crowded places. All you’ve got to do is attach this Bluetooth Low Energy tracker to them (we recommend collars only for your pets, not your kids) and then use the app to make sure they don’t go too far. It’s water-resistant and has a battery life of up to a year, so it should be okay even if your kids are especially hyperactive.


Also use it to...


But there are more uses to the Evotag. Let’s see, off the top of our heads, we imagine you could use this to keep track of your bag at a cafe or on a crowded train, to alert you to an approaching bag at the airport carousels, perhaps keep one in your wallet (quite handy if you’re as absent-minded as a tenured professor), locate your car in the underground car park at a mall, or even use it to trigger your phone camera. And since it’s got a motion tracking feature, you could even use it as a makeshift burglar alarm at home.

Wanna get one for lil’ Chintu or Mr Snuggles the cat? Head over to evoxyz.com.