Eco-warriors, hop off the bus and jump into the e2o Plus electric car

A 140km range and Android infotainment system means it’s practical, too

Care about the planet but get claustrophobic in public transport? Go check out Mahindra Electric’s new electric car

Remember the Reva, India’s very own attempt at making an eco-friendly car? It didn’t spew out any toxic gases, was cheap to run, and still kept you protected from the elements? Well, Reva Motors got taken over by Mahindra, who’ve been rather busy working on a successor.



Green, clean, but not at all mean

And what we get is the e2o Plus - a cutesy, compact urban runabout that doesn’t run on long-dead dinosaurs but rather, on fizzy electrons. There’s a choice of four variants, with the P2, P4, and P6 versions packing in a 110km range. But what we’re interested in is the range-topping P8, which gives you 140km, a 0-60km/h time of 9.5s, and a 9 hour charging time. But just ‘cos it’s an electric vehicle, it doesn’t mean it skimps on the essentials: you get air conditioning, power windows, an Android-based infotainment system, and app-control, which means you can turn on the aircon and have the car ready for your royal majesty even before you finish your (healthy, organic) breakfast.

So, if you’re keen on hopping on to the green bandwagon, put on that tie-and-dye tee, slip your feet into those Osho sandals and head over to the Mahindra Electric website. Peace, brother!