Dual cameras look like a lock for Honor's upcoming V8 smartphone

Phones with twin lens setups looks set to stay

Don't think dual camera smartphones are just a fad: they're not going away, and aren't limited to top-spec handsets either.

Honor looks set to be the next to launch a dual-camera phone, with save the date invites for the upcoming V8 teasing a twin camera setup.

Right now there's no clue what kind of setup Honor is going for, but seeing how it's Huawei's offshoot brand, we're expecting something similar to the freshly-launched Huawei P9.

That problably means twin 12MP sensors, but doesn't automatically mean it'll have the same monochrome and RGB setup seen on the P9. It could end up with something more like Honor's 6 Plus, which used two cameras to add depth of field effects to your snaps.

Either way, we're betting you won't find the Leica branding anywhere near the V8. There's still a chance it'll go for a wide angle lens as well, which would put it up against LG's G5.

There's not much other info kicking around about the V8, but based on early spec rumours, it could be a pretty potent mid-range phone.

Expect one of Huawei's Kirin 950 CPUs running the show (slower than the P9's Kirin p55, but still fairly snappy) and up to 4GB of RAM.

Honor's put fingerprint sensors on its flagship phones before, and it's looking like the V8 will get one too, but things like screen size are still a bit of a mystery.

We've only got a few weeks to wait until we get the full lowdown, though: the Honor V8 is set for a May 10 reveal.