Downloading this app could indeed make 'corona go'

Using the might of a billion smartphones

There has probably been no time in the history of humanity when so many of us are focused on the prevention and elimination of an illness. And for those who don’t know, let us be the first to tell you that it takes a whole lot of effort and research to make any substantial progress.

Apart from the creativity and scientific brilliance of the researchers working on ways to understand and eliminate this relatively new virus, this undertaking also requires obscene amounts of computing power. And while most of the supercomputers in the world may be assigned to running simulations of this very project, it is important to note that we still need more power.

To that end, Vodafone, in collaboration with Imperial College of London, have come up with Dream Lab, an app that uses the computing power of your smartphone to run calculations and simulations to hasten the research and development process. Of course, your smartphone cannot possibly have enough to provide the computations needed for the research by itself, and that’s why the app relies on the vast number of smartphones out there to perform small tasks while you sleep.

All you have to do is download the app, select Covid-19-AI (Phase 1) as the project you want to donate your device’s resources to, and put your device on charge to start the process. And voila! You have done a little to help out the world (and potentially yourself)!