Developer breaks laws of nature, makes iOS notifications work on Android Wear

Who says oil and water don't mix?

Chocolate and prawns, porridge and motor oil, iOS and Android Wear - some things just don't go together. But they sure as hell can be forced.

Developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh has defied the laws of nature by getting iOS to work with Android Wear smartatches - no jailbreaking required. Before you get too excited however, it's worth pointing out that most of Android Wear's functionality like music controls and voice search aren't supported. As it stands, the only thing that works are notification alerts. 

The developer managed to break down the great divide between his iPhone and Google watch by loading up an Bluetooth APK on his Moto 360, which is able to connect to the Apple Notification Center Service.

Exciting stuff, but we definitely wouldn't recommend iPhone owners to rush out and snap up Android Wear devices. This is just a limited functionality proof of concept for the time being, and Apple fans are still better off with a Pebble for now. Until the Apple Watch finally lands, of course...