COVID-19 delays OnePlus 8 open sale in India

Will hold flash sale for its limited product run

OnePlus fans in India will have to wait a bit longer till they can get their hands on a brand new matte-finished (dare we say shiny) Oneplus 8 or 8 Pro. OnePlus India General Manager Vikas Agarwal took to the OnePlus forums to share the bad news, but every cloud has a silver lining, so read on!

Bad news first? Agarwal made it clear that OnePlus has had problems manufacturing its smartphones that are manufactured at an Oppo facility in India (never checked the label on the box did you?) because of the ongoing pandemic and the risks that it puts contractors at. So even though OnePlus managed to share pricing details and availability dates earlier, the May 29 India launch date for an open sale clearly stands cancelled.

Time for some good news! Hardcore OnePlus fans who won’t mind crossing the seven seas (even during the pandemic) to get their hands on one can still get one. Fortunately, OnePlus has already resumed production and has managed to manufacture a limited run of OnePlus 8 units (8 Pro buyers will have to wait). So, May 29 will be the date and 12 p.m. will be the time when you can smash that mouse button clicking ‘buy’ to reserve one on a first come basis online or check up with your local retailer to unofficially save one for you as it will also be available offline.

OnePlus also confirmed that an open sale date will be announced soon and customers who pre-booked devices (8 and 8 Pro) online can purchase them whenever they are available.

Still, if you aren’t a loyal OnePlus disciple or are looking out for something worthy of switching to Chinese and not Korean, there’s always the power-packed Xiaomi Mi 10. It’s already on sale and shipping to interested buyers who are confused by OnePlus 8’s abnormally high price and the 8 Pro’s dazzling 120Hz display as it sits comfortably between them, offering the best of both. We had our fair share of time reviewing it. So you can read all about it in our detailed review by clicking here.