The 20 best games of E3 2016

As E3 2016 draws to a close, we wrap-up the best games of this year's awesome show

News of new consoles may have dominated the early headlines of E3 2016, but let's be honest - it's the games that really matter, and this year's show was chock-a-block with them.

We've spent the last few days fighting through crowds of selfie stick-wielding nerds to see, touch and salivate over every game at the show, and we can now reveal which were the very best.

Below you'll find our absolute favourites from E3 2016, complete with trailers and links to more in-depth coverage where possible. Enjoy!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo’s had a quiet E3 overall, but we have had our first proper look at the next Legend of Zelda instalment (due out on both the Wii U and new NX console next year). And our impression of Breath of the Wild is that it’s going to be something truly special – a cel-shaded open world adventure that changes up the Zelda formula without dispelling its spirit.

Formats: Wii U, NX

Release date: 2017


Relocating its tarmac-tearing action to Australia, Forza Horizon 3 looks absolutely jaw-dropping and promises once again to set the bar for console racing games.

This time, it's putting as much emphasis on off-road action as the asphalt-based stuff, with dune buggies and trucks sitting alongside Lamborghinis and BMWs. It looks and plays fantastically already.

Formats: Xbox One

Release date: 27 September 2016


For our money, Sea of Thieves was the most exciting gameplay reveal at Microsoft’s event, with the trailer giving us our first real taste of the cartoony multiplayer pirate action we can expect from Rare’s upcoming title.

It looks, in one word, FUN - and isn't that what we play games for? Hoist the mainbrace, ye lubbers, and consider our swashes well and truly buckled.

Formats: Xbox One

Release date: 2016


The new info we’ve gleaned from E3 suggests Wildlands is going to be a typically gun-heavy Tom Clancy title that prioritises teamwork as you and a small group of elite special forces operatives take on a Bolivian drug cartel across a giant open-world.

Team up online with up to three other players and fly helicopters, ride motorbikes, drive jeeps and generally cause bombastic havok in one of the finest-looking games currently in development.

Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Release date: 7 March 2017


Watch the above trailer and you’ll probably notice the many similarities Days Gone shares with another PlayStation exclusive, The Last of Us: a gruff protagonist struggling with loss, a destroyed America in the grip of some kind of zombie outbreak, a mournful acoustic guitar soundtrack, more than a bit of the old ultra-violence.

But there are key differences, one being that Days Gone is a true open world game rather than a tightly-controlled narrative experience. Another is that combat tends to be against dozens of infected rather than a small group. We’ve seen it up close and personal in a behind closed doors session, and it’s got bags of potential.

Formats: PS4

Release date: TBC