The apocalypse is coming: Intel outs the 4K 360-degree selfie stick

Selfie sticks suck. But this one's pretty cool

If there’s to be a tech-flavoured sign of the apocalypse, this could be it: a selfie stick that shoots in 4K, with 360-degree footage.

Few gadgets cause as much forehead-cupping despair as the selfie stick, but Intel has revved up the tech of this hated gadget so much that, we’ll admit, we’re actually a bit impressed.

The Intel selfie stick ties together six GoPro Hero 4s in a little plastic prison, then bungs them on the end of a long metal rod. It’s a bit more Scrapheap Challenge than Philippe Starck, but it’s perhaps the first selfie stick we’ve really wanted to have a play with.

What’s so special about the way it’s made is that the wide-angle lenses of the Go Pros let you get 360-degree 4K video. So, er, who’s up for a selfie you can only really appreciate with an Oculus Rift?

Don’t go expecting to see the Intel 4K selfie stick down at PC World any time soon, though. Totting up all the components we expect it weights a good bit more than 2kg, and would cost more than a grand just for the cameras. We wouldn’t be too surprised to see Kanye West slinging one around at a some music awards bash, mind.