4G tablets? We got this, says Micromax

Micromax launches the 4G-friendly Canvas Tab P702

So, after a bit of hue and cry and a very aggressive ad campaign that challenges the rotundity of the very globe we infest, it’s more or less safe to say that 4G is finally here.

Having acknowledged that, all the major (and minor) brands have made sure that they can indeed surf seamlessly on the new wave of 4G by launching a slew of capable smartphones. Why then should a tablet be left out, is Micromax’s query, it’d seem. Before you begin to try and attempt the rhetoric question in question, hold that thought.

On the day after the bissextus (that’s another name for the 29th of February, FYI), Micromax launches the Canvas Tab P702. Priced at a humble 7999, the 7in HD display tablet sports a 1.3GHz, Quad Core MediaTek MT8735 processor. With a 2GB RAM and 16GB of built-in memory (expandable to 32GB), the multimedia device should be a treat to stream and watch movies on, courtesy of its swanky 4G capability, 3000mAh battery and the DTS sound dual box speakers which Micromax claims are a treat for the ears. So game, watch Netflix or just browse the internet, but do so on 4G. Sold exclusively on Snapdeal, the Canvas Tab P702 comes with two colour options of black and white.