The promise of ‘close to OLED’ picture quality at half the price is a tempting proposition. But does LG’s NanoCell tech live up to the promise?

If flat panels were sci-fi in 2003, nanocoating their panels is the new dope for AV geeks. Samsung calls its tech QLED while LG has gone with NanoCell, but the idea is similar— a coating of nano crystals between the screen and backlight that has phosphorus properties, which can be precisely controlled to enhance colours and brightness.

NanoCell is a treat for the eyes on Apple TV 4K’s screensavers. Colours literally pop out of the screen with sharpness to the picture that is virtually indistinguishable from an OLED set. MotionPro is best kept off for a natural, film-like quality, but use just a pinch of De-judder and De-blur. AI is a hit or miss and should only be used if you’re a non-critic viewer of content.

It may be one of the best looking TVs on brightly—lit scenes, but show it a night sequence with an illuminated object or text, and there is visible blooming around the object. This is characteristic of backlit LED panels, but this TV is supposed to have local-array dimming and hence, surprising.

The sound is great for a flat TV, as long as you keep it in Standard mode and not Bass Boost. There is an ‘out-of-the-box’ quality to the sound that does some justice to the Dolby Atmos badge and you could happily live with the built-in sound if you’re not quite ready for a full-blown Atmos speaker set.

Wand it to watch it

LG’s brilliant Magic remote is an even better partner to the latest WebOS. The gesture control remote works like a wand and the WebOS now supports Netflix and Prime Video previews when you hover your cursor on the icons.

This ain’t no idiot box!

The biggest update here is the inclusion of AI within their ThinQ platform, largely possible due to the A7 gen 2 processor that is the brain of the telly. It controls both the picture and sound to adapt to ambient conditions.

LG NanoCell TV Verdict

A discreet TV that even deletes the LG branding from the front bezel to keep it as minimal as possible, this is no doubt a stylish set. Switch it on and you are greeted with plenty of smarts within the WebOS itself. There’s also support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit so you can cast from your iPhone directly. Its AI is good enough to offer great picture and sound for those who can’t be troubled by calibration. It has limitations, but overall a good value.

Stuff says... 

LG NanoCell TV review

NanoCell does wonders for colours, but isn’t perfect for blacks.
Good Stuff 
Minimal bezels
Minimal bezels
Brilliant Magic remote
Dolby Atmos
Bad Stuff 
Audio performance could be better
Tad noticeable blooming in picture quality